Hope Lee





Hope Lee is a Canadian composer

of Chinese origin.

As a "cross-cultural explorer", her work often

reflects her interdisciplinary interests and her

views of creativity as an endless adventure of

exploration, research and experimentation; a

challenge to one's breadth and depth.

'Things change constantly and continuously'

she says, 'therefore each work should be

approached from a fresh angle. Growth is a

natural phenomenon reflected in my

compositional technique. Not unlike

disciplined organic growth - a most

fascinating phenomenon - it is the secret of

life, the source of true freedom.'

"Ms. Lee's music is as thought-provoking and richly imaginative as the images which inspired it."

Nanette Kaplan Solomon / The IAWM Journal, 1995 on CD eMotion



"Lee’s distinctive scoring was beautifully transparent, even when thick with independent parts. This clarity, with the silvery upper tones that dominated the piece, gave the music a magical glow from start to finish.” 

                               Robert Everett-Green / The Globe and Mail,  2011 on

Secret of the Seven Stars